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Professional in Business Analysis PMI-PBA Exam Simulation 1

Why be surprised when you take the actual exam? Find your gaps before the exam finds them for you!


This Professional in Business Analysis PMI-PBA Exam Simulation Part 1 will help you to practice an actual exam with great detail. Two (2) full Exams of 200 multiple-choice questions each. The allotted time for each exam is four (4) hours. These exams cover the 5 domains appear on the PMI-PBA certification examination: Needs Assessment, Planning, Analysis, Traceability and Monitoring, and Evaluation. The SAME Questions are shown again under the domain order. Also, check the Professional in Business Analysis PMI-PBA Exam Simulation Part 2 for more two (2) exams. Description of the PMI-PBA certification examination The examination is computer-based and is comprised of 200 multiple-choice questions, with 175 of those questions scored and 25 considered pre-test questions which do not affect your score. These questions are randomly placed throughout the exam. The allotted time to complete the examination is four (4) hours. The examination is offered around the world at PMI®-approved testing centers. To find a testing center in your area please visit the PMI website.

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