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Growth and demand for professional Business Analysis certification PMI-PBA®

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Most Businesses practice project management to some extent and they want to shape the outcome of their projects to ensure they deliver business benefits.

For this reason, Business analysis becomes a topic of growing importance to projects and programs. As practitioners increasingly embrace business analysis as a technique for Identifying business needs, recommending relevant solutions, working with stakeholders to elicit requirements, and managing requirements

The PMI-PBA® certification recognizes an individual’s expertise in business analysis, and in using these tools and techniques to improve the overall success of projects. PMI-PBA growth is exponential over the last 3 years. There are currently over 3,772 Active PMI-PBAs in over 60 countries

But Why should I go for PMI-PBA certification?

Did you think that the PMI-PBA is an I.T. certification only then you'd be surprised to know that it’s not an industry vertical specific certification? Business analysts work across different industries, the top 5 being: • Information technology • Finance/insurance • Government and public sector • Business/professional consulting • Healthcare and social services

This certification may help you achieve various benefits such as recognition endorsements increase earning better job opportunities and more chances for career advancement.

By understanding the importance of the business analysis, and why you may need to be certified. Follow Along with my upcoming posts to know more about the PMI-PBA certification exam pattern and outline.

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